Christmas Trading Shows 5.9% Like-For-Like Improvement

All Our Bars have released a summary of Christmas trading amongst the 35 bars that they manage.

  • Overall sales are up by 22% on 2011
  • Like-for-like sales, inclusive of New Year’s Eve, are up by 5.9% and marginally ahead of budget.
  • Analysing among regions, Central London remained relatively flat despite busy middle-December weeks.
  • Like-for-like sales in Greater London were 6.9% up and 7.3% up in the Home Counties.
  • The fall of the Christmas days meant that people were away from Central London and in their home areas for longer periods.
  • New Year’s Eve continues to be a struggle in pubs. In central East Grinstead, for example, 4 pubs and 1 nightclub (around 50% of the stock) were closed on Monday evening. However, customers in the Greater London pubs showed more willingness to go out for New Year.

Paul Wigham, Chief Executive, said “We are very pleased with the result against a backdrop of a difficult retail economy. We are bullish about opportunities in this coming year but that is tempered with caution that rising operating costs, combined with flat consumer demand, will make pub operating a distinct challenge. The continued re-investment in standards and training will be key to success moving forwards and we are particularly well placed to develop our business.

Deborah Connell